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Friday, June 25, 2004

Fay's Birthday

It is Brandon's birthday today. Would like to wish him a very happy one, filled with babes at liquid room later, and getting picked up every 10 mins or so. :) Cannot wait for the gathering at his house later. should be loads of fun although i don't really want to go to liquid room....( sshhh no one knows about it )

Just woke up not long ago. watched the Portugal - England match early in the morning and it was excruciatingly painful for England to have gone out that way. But as a relatively neutral spectator, I cannot complain about the excitement that this match generated. Have to be one of the matches of Euro 2004.

Back to the serious business at hand. Supposed to go gym with Joy but seeing that I am such a pig, she has decided to go on without me. I am so gonna get it when she gets back, which would be in half an hour's time. Why can't I live with lesser sleep i ask myself sometimes....


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