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Monday, June 28, 2004

After one week's absence.....

Morning to one and all,

It has been one week since I wrote something in here. It is getting kinda tedious having to maintain one damn blog site.... Fear not! I shall perservere and bring you the juicy details to my shady life. heh heh heh...

Highlights of the week:

25th June 2004 10.17pm
Standing (L to R)
Lynn (aka girl next door), Hui Lam (aka Lam Gor)
Squatting (L to R)
Fay , Me, Timothy (Fay's newphew cum godson), Eileen (aka Ah Neh)

Photo in Fay's home at his birthday gathering. Joy is missing because she is helming the camera for this particular picture. Don't the picture make me look like I am the birthday boy? ha ha..

27th June 2004 1.27am

That is my conquest for the night after HupSeng gathering. Don't the two guys look like they are enjoying each other's company? I am sure they do. Fay begged me not to put this on my blog. Do you think i would not share this priceless picture with the world at large? ha ha...

27th June 2004 6.20pm

Eileen, My Joy and Sue Lynn at CoffeeBean @ Serangoon Gardens aka 'Gardens'. Were there with Fay, Trevor and Me. After which we had 'zi cha' at a nearby kopitiam, and finally adjourned to Junction 8 for The Best Bet. Not that bad a show in my opinion.

Major highlight for today

Was in my brother's car when we pulled up behind a greyish silver Lamborghini Murcielago with it's air vents opened! Had a hard time scrapping my jaw off the floor and wiping the wide grin off my face. License plate number is 22. You have to see the car in person on the road to feel it's aura. Unbeatable!

Half an hour to the Czechs vs the Danes. Joy is smoking outside now. Gotta run.


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